Relentless Play VFX Delivers The Little Render of Bethlehem

- April 19, 2023

Relentless Play delivers VFX shots featuring ancient Bethlehem for Turning Point Productions’ “Why The Nativity?”

In the delivery of over 30 VFX shots, Thomas Hollier and Relentless Play LLC created digital environments for the cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem in ancient times, and handled all aspects of VFX on the project from visual development and previsualization to on-set supervision and final shot production. From the start, the digital work proceeded in close collaboration with production designer Joe Cashman and the team at Design/Build Productions. The early integration of set CAD data and digital assets into a consistent digital environment staged onto the set location’s actual elevation data not only provided accurate shot previz but also served as a “process-agnostic” planning tool to tailor the physical production methods to well defined creative goals.

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