NeRFs in Unreal Engine

NeRFs in Unreal Engine 5 are finally here. Check out the accurate reflections on the water of this lightfield I captured at Hearst Castle. Next step is to see how far frame rates and resolution can be pushed with the latest/fastest graphics cards. If the latest RTX4090 don’t cut it yet, I’m sure next year’s models will. This introduces a great deal more flexibility in the integration of location shoots with LED stage work (or traditional VFX for the matter).



What is the right way to display generative art?  After having developed a fairly substantial collection of algorithmic art pieces, running them in a browser or cluttered computer desktop left me wanting. In 2014, I set out to build this display device to showcase the work in a more direct way, without the distracting UI clutter and gear that accompanies the typical interaction with technology.